From 23rd to 24th of November 2017, the last SUPERCLOUD technical and General Assembly (GA) meeting took place in Paris at the Orange Gardens, premises of our technical leader ORANGE.

The first day was split up and the first session, the GA meeting, was used to provide an overview of the technical status including the presentation of the latest developments as well as to underline the project meeting goals. Also, several administrative issues including the reporting were approached and preparations for the final review meeting were made. After the GA meeting, the technical meeting started accompanied by more technical discussions of work packages 2 to 5. Also worth a discussion was the final business plan as well as the exploitation report, which will be elaborated by the whole consortium.

The second day was dedicated to dissemination, communication, exploitation, standardisation and training activities and included a fruitful discussion on future cooperation activities and further plans. In order to grant public access to the project results and developed components, further dissemination activities were discussed and changes on the project website performed. After a coffee break, two of the SUPERCLOUD’s demonstrators were presented to the consortium of ORANGE healthcare, which resulted in a valuable feedback.

Unfortunately, it was the last technical meeting of SUPERCLOUD. However, it was a very engaging and effective meeting, with relevant discussions on the final steps in order to successfully conclude the project.