From 20th to 22nd of March 2017, a further technical meeting as well as the 2nd Advisory Board (AB) meeting of SUPERCLOUD took place in Vienna, Austria.

The first day started with the technical meeting and therefore a status overview of current technical work was provided. Besides the general overview, more detailed technical discussions were held during the dedicated WP2 to WP5 sessions.

Before the Advisory Board meeting started on day 2, further technical discussions on the remaining work packages (WPs) 1 and 5 were held. In addition, WP6 and WP7 were part of the day 2 agenda and therefore dissemination, communication, exploitation, standardisation and training activities presented as well as upcoming meetings and cooperation activities discussed. After the lunch, a well-organized and structured Advisory Board meeting started, packed with fruitful presentations of SUPERCLOUD’s use cases, testbed, architecture and several components for security and data management as well as for network virtualization. Based on the presented status and results of SUPERCLOUD, the Advisory Board members provided valuable feedback for the last project period.

The third and last day of the technical and AB meeting was well-used for the recapitulation of the provided comments by the Advisory Board as well as to wrap-up all the held technical discussion and to set the upcoming steps and activities.

Since the AB provided worthwhile comments on the SUPERCLOUD’s status, and the technical discussions were used to align the work in the technical WPs and put forth further activities, also this meeting had superior benefits to SUPERCLOUD.