Data Anonymization Tool

Data anonymization techniques open the possibility of releasing personal and sensitive data, while preserving individual's privacy. The Data Anonymization Tool in this context is among others based on k-anonymity, whereby the focus is put on the irreversibility of the released data. The tool aims to calculate the best solution for the given data in terms of cost-efficiency. This is done by means of so-called cost metric calculation as well as the Optimal Lattice Anonymization (OLA) algorithm. A detailed explanation of the OLA algorithm as well as of all including components of the tool can be found in the Deliverable D3.2 of SUPERCLOUD released in the second project period.

The video below demonstrates shortly the functionality of the Data Anonymization Tool on the basis of medical data samples. The main focus lies on the handling of the tool as well as the explanation of the required steps in order to anonymize plain data.


  • Download detailed tool description (.pdf, 556 KB): [DOWNLOAD]

  • Download Data Anonymization Tool as executable software (.zip, 1.3 MB, incl. sample data): [DOWNLOAD]